Ursula Ippoliti


The scope of my work spans 40 years. As a child I found myself sketching anything that would stay still and always trying to get them onto my paper. It was only natural that I attend the Philadelphia College of Art. In those early years I did commission work only as I raised my family. In 1996 my husband retired and gave me the “The Gift of Time”….time that which one cannot beg borrow or steal. I was for the first time in my life, able to paint night and day. For so many years I dreamed of the paintings that I wanted to do. Our frequent trips to Europe have added to my portfolio greatly.

My works include: Landmark and Historical places, Gristmills, Pottingsheds, Springhouses and Covered Bridges, Beaches and Barrels, Bushels of Flowers, Old Train Stations, Old Cape May, Olde City Philadelphia, Snow Scenes and Far Away Countries.

Our world has much beauty in it. As I complete a painting and stand back and look at it, I know that I do not paint alone. I feel that I have a wonderful blessing in being given this talent. Yes it is true that there is a time for everything and even though it has come later in my life…..it is that much sweeter.