Maria Costello

Maria Costello is a visual artist specializing in nature and wildlife fine art photography. Born in Moscow, Russia, Maria has lived in the US since the early 1990s. She currently resides in Wayne, PA with her husband Rob, who is a native of Manchester, England, and their two sons, Adrian and Alex.

Maria holds a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Psychology from Arcadia University, formerly Beaver College. Her academic background includes a semester in London, where she especially enjoyed studying Art History. Most of Maria’s corporate journey revolved around statistics and market research. Eventually Maria decided to put her career on hold so she could focus on her family.

Maria used this transition to reconnect with her artistic side. She has always enjoyed the outdoors. As a child, she used to reflect on her adventures via sketching and watercolor. Maria’s fascination with photography is an extension of her creativity and curiosity. In 2004, after the birth of their eldest son, Maria started gardening. This ignited her passion for documenting her progress. Looking at her early photographs, taken with various point and click cameras, she now smiles and asks, “Did I take that?”

Maria became officially consumed with fine art photography in the spring of 2016 after spotting a pair of cardinals in her backyard. Birds in flight were particularly intriguing. She quickly pushed her equipment to the limit and took a leap from a crop sensor DSLR to a full frame mirrorless camera and professional lens.

Maria always looks for beauty in the little things. Rather than limiting herself to one subject, Maria treats everything as a challenge and a muse. A couple of her latest projects are capturing insects in flight and creating ethereal waterfalls. Maria also finds herself drawn to minimalism, seeing it as a way to declutter her mind, focus on the essence and deliver maximum visual impact with minimum information. To keep her skills up-to-date, Maria also does some portrait work.

Maria is completely self-taught, having developed her unique style through rigorous practice and dynamic approach. Her versatile, award-winning portfolio is a testament to her irreverence. From macro photography to abstracts, Maria’s fascination with nature and understanding of how we fit in fuels her passion. She strives to push herself as an artist and grow as an individual, hoping that her work will inspire others to pause, appreciate and perhaps take the time to examine their own relationship with what’s around them.

You are welcome to view Maria Costello’s portfolio by visiting her website and following @dramartful on Facebook and Instagram.