Ben Richardson

DSC00448 - Version 2

Art is truly in the eye of the beholder.  Art through the years has always been subjective.  Some things you like and connect with and some you don’t have a clue and that’s fine as well.  We all have had life experiences that shape and influence our senses daily.


My relationship with art started with elementary school art classes.  I found pleasure in my ability to sketch and draw even at a basic level.  Entering high school my skills were increasing only to drift away during collage and the corporate world that followed.  However, during high school my father gave me my first camera, his old 35mm Yashica and a new direction for my vision was born.  I started looking at the covers of magazines like life, Time, and National Geographic magazines wishing that I was the one that made those images.  Perhaps I could be the next Gordon Parks…I still have that dream at times.  I’ve always felt that photography could be used as an art form.  More mechanical that some disciplines but still needing that elusive mix of intuition, creativity and execution to make a conscious production with aesthetic value.  I’m currently working with blending my images with encaustic paint and experimenting with different techniques along the way.


My life’s path has afforded me opportunities to experience other cultures and lands I only dreamt of growing up.  I have a wide variety of interest and being able to use photography as a bridge into those experiences one frame at a time is a blessing.


Nothing in life is promised.  You can find beauty in places most people take for granted if you dare to open up and see with your soul and not just your eyes.  This is how I choose to create what I show and I hope that the viewer can find something to contemplate within it.